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    I went to Cingular to get a Treo 650 for my wife. Knowing how horrible the reliability was on the 600 I wanted to get insurance for the phone. I'll pay hundreds of dollars but not over and over!

    In any case the guy at the store said they don't offer insurance on the pricier phones. That alone may steer me to Sprint. Has anyone gotten insurance for their Treo from Cingular?
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    No...Lockline says maybe in the future, but no word yet. Others here have added the Treo to their homeowner's insurance.
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    I got mine yesterday, and called Cingular and they put the insurance on from LockLine. Had no problems.

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    Daaku -

    There have been posts suggesting the Lockline will not cover ur Treo 650 even tho Cingular sold you an insurance policy. Can you call Lockline to confirm that ur Treo is coverred against it being lost or stolen?
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    i had the same thing happened to me. unfortunately, i found out the hard way that the whole time i THOUGHT i was insures, i was in fact not. some cingular reps dont realize that the razr and treo are not covered under lockline insurance policy even though you are paying for it. if you tell cingular, they will refund the $5/month you have been paying.

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