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    Hi, I'm a current AT&T customer and looking to get a Treo. AT&T has offered me the best price, but they are currently back-ordered on the Treo 650 and I suspect they may not get them.

    What kind of deals have people received from Cingular for the 650? I have a corporate discount, but at the Cingular store they wouldn't use it and said that the $400 price with activation was the best they could do.

    I'd appreciate any advice on this and also on data plans. Thanks,

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    I went to a Cingular Non-company owned store and paid $274.00 with a 1 yr contract. I also got a Mot. v551 for my wife and a Samsung e317 for my son. The manager sold me a bluetooth headset Mot HS 810 for $40 bucks. The other phones were free! I spent 274 + 40= $314.00 + tax! These guys have lots of room to move phones. I ported over from VZW and I'm very happy.
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    Jacebc: I migrated to orange. I'm going back to blue because I HATE HATE HATE the orange side voicemail system. I have a corporate discount as well, and wasn't able to get lower than $400 - but I did talk them into some credits for being a long term customer, a nice guy, etc, etc. You might try calling back and chatting with different reps some more...
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    Thanks for the feedback. I don't know how DrB was able to do $274 at a non-company store! What a steal.

    It would be easiest if AT&T would get the 650 in, or tell me that they aren't carrying in anymore.
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    If you live in New York I can give you a # to call for the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrBwell
    If you live in New York I can give you a # to call for the phone.
    I'm in New York, and I'd love the #. Thanks.
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    Sorry, I'm in Chicago.
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    I changed from ATT to Cingular for the 650.

    ATT was much much much better on Voicemail and Phone, less dropped calls too.

    I am most dissatisfied with Cingular and 650, not sure who is responsible. They transfer blame to one another and just keep on replacing with "refurbished" phones.

    My Nokia and ATT worked PERFECTLY for 7 years. NEVER ONE ISSUE. Now issues are daily, often hourly.

    BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I purchased a nokia 6340i to be a 'backup' phone. It is going to be interesting to pop the sim card back & forth between the treo 650 and nokia 6340 here in my house (fringe signal here) - and see which radio does better...
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    It does seem like AT&T is okay to stay with, if they can get the 650 in stock.
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    mine just showed up in fedex a few hours ago. Interestingly it has "cingular" silkscreened on the front - the first one didn't have that silkscreening. And yet, it takes the blue simchip without complaining.
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    Eep! You received an AT&T 650? When did you order it? Thanks,

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    Just made my daily call to ask if they're in stock. The rep replies brightly, "Yes we do!.... but they're on back order still!" doh!

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