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    I have unlimited phone, but they charge for roaming. Also have unlimited data and they claim they do NOT charge roaming for that -- it's the old $19.99 Media Works plan.

    Live in Dallas, will be in Monroe, LA this week. If I use the internet on the phone, will I get additional charges?

    They claim not, but I never really trust them.

    Also, while I am thinking of it, if I change my phone to nationalwide plan, will they let me keep the unlimited data?
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    You have to be on one of the Nationwide plans to get "no roaming" outside your home calling area.

    As far as keeping your $19.99 unlimited plan, didn't Cingular reduce the rates June 1st? That's an available plan now, isn't it? If it's the old plan, with text and MMS messeges included, it would depend on the CS rep you talk to. Some here have said they've been able to retain their plans, some say they've been changed to a new one.

    Check your bill carefully for a couple months after the change. You never know what Cingular will do.
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    That's one of the problems -- I don't get a bill. The phone plan is a special deal for my workplace.
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    The good news -- the data plan is definately roaming and still unlimited. I spent 4 days in Louisiana, didn't touch the "phone" part, but emailed, etc all week, and the phone bill didn't change at all.

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