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    I just had to migrate over from former-att to cingular yesterday. (Long, ugly story).

    I was liking ATT's octel based voicemail system (you know, 3-3-7 erases) - and really liking how their GSM based voicemail had different greetings based on being busy on the phone, etc.

    Well, not so much the same on the orange side. I don't know who came up with this command set but '3' erases? What kind of junk is that?

    This might just cause me to call up and try to migrate back to the blue side.

    Unless, there's a way to get the good voicemail system while still being 'orange.'

    Anyone have any thoughts, ideas?
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    Just plain ol' 7 is erase for me...

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    right '7' is erase on octel. used to be that you had to be at the end of a message before you could delete, so 3-3 was skip to the end, so 3-3-7 would skip & erase.

    but, the little tipchart the CSR sent me says:

    Reviewing messages During Review - Playback Controls 
    Press 7 - To rewind 10 seconds 
    Press 77- To rewind to the beginning of the message 
    Press 9 - To forward 10 seconds 
    Press 99 - To forward to the end of message 
    Press # - To Skip to the next message 
    Press ## -To skip to the next type of message (toggle between your new and saved messages) 
    After Review: 
    Press 2 - to save a message 
    Note: Messages can be stored for up to 8 days. 
    Press 3 - To erase a message 
    Note: Messages accidentally deleted during a call can still be reviewed and saved as long as you DO NOT end the Voicemail call. Once the Voicemail session has ended, erased messages are permanently deleted from the system and cannot be retrieved.
    After deleting the message, follow the voice prompts to "Review Your Deleted Messages". 
    After reviewing the deleted message, press 2 to save the message in your mailbox. 
    To Change User Options 
    Press 5 - To change personal profile settings 
    Press 1 - Change your greeting 
    Press 3 - Change your recorded name 
    Press 2 - Change your passcode
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    Is it possible to just have your voicemail be your voice alone and not that stupid lady's voice after your ogm? My contacts are tired of listening to the whole message to leave a message. I know that they can press one (1) and leave a message after they get the tone (quicker if they press "1") but when you're wearing a headset and cant get to the phone easily its a pain in the arse!!!

    Any help?
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    pilotmedic -- for Cingular VM call your VM from your cell phone. Enter your password etc... then press 5. That should allow your to "set" your voicemail message.

    Check it out.

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