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    I cannot get my Treo to latch onto any GSM networks here in Ireland. I'm here for 3 weeks on vacation.

    I asked and expected the guy at the TMO sales counter two months ago when I signed onto TMO to properly have this configured on my service, but after I got here nothing works. No calls, no internet or email - nothing. The 'my-T-mobile' profile says that I do NOT have Worldclass roaming turned on as part of my service plan - even though I requested it.

    What else do I need to do to get my device to work over these networks? Setup an APN number? Tweak the setup somewhere?

    I would like to use O2 for roaming while I'm here in Ireland. Otherwise I will have to rent a phone and be disfunctional for 3 weeks while I'm here.

    Any ideas?


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    Dear Greg, We recently had a similar experience. My daughter went to Germany, we called T-Mobile several times and thought everything should be perfect. However, she never, ever got any signal or reception while in Germany even though there were T Mobile signs everywhere.

    This is my suggestion: go to a T Mobile store somewhere in Ireland and buy a Sim card with minutes on it to use in your Treo. You might talk to them about why you cannot seem to get coverage and maybe they'll help you, but I'd just buy some minutes on a local SIM card and use that. That is what we would do if we had it to do over again. Some folks on Treo Central think this is cheaper than roaming anyway. I'm not sure of the particulars, but I think I've mentioned this correctly. Good luck!
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    I have an unlocked Treo 600 and a T-mobile (US) account. I spent two weeks in Northern Ireland this past April. I too called T-Mo and I had no problems on either T-Mobile Ireland or Vodaphone.
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    If the t-Mo profile says that you do NOT have worldclass, you prolly don't. I had to call about 4 times to get it set up properly...
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    In order to get calls going I opted to borrow a phone and buy an O2 SIM that can be charged up at various kiosks around the country.

    However, this does NOTHING for getting email/internet while roaming. I'm willing to pay for the stupid 'Worldclass(less)' service, but no response from TMO yet.

    By the time they help me fix the problem I'll be back in the states.

    I'll need some luck-of-the-Irish to get it up and running soon enough.

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    When I got to Germany a month ago, I had no service either. I've had Worldclass enabled on my T-Mo account the whole time I've had it (2 years), and it's worked just fine in many countries outside the states. I called T-Mo the second day I was in Germany (using my friends cell phone). It took barely a 3 minute phone call to fix. They said that Worldclass WAS still enabled on my account, but they reset it (or turned it off and then on again, I don't really know exactly what they did). 15 seconds later, my Treo (a 600) beeped, and I had service.

    It was pretty painless (even though it shouldn't have been necessary).

    Bill S
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    why don't u just call them? +15059983793 there's nothing we can do for u here. we r not tmo customer service.

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