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    Has anyone installed the Unlocked GSM update on their Cingular Treo? If so have you lost any Cingular specific features?

    thanks in advance ......
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    Go to the Treo 650 forum and look around--several threads on the issue.
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    What about an update for the locked Cingular phones? The PalmOne site now states "no" under the updates section for OS updates. Maybe something is getting ready to be released?
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    Go to the T650 forum and look around--all the news is there...If you don't want to wait for an official Cingular branded update, you can do a 2-step update to a Cingular T650 and it becomes an unbranded T650.
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    unbranded unlocked? or just unbranded?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iomatic
    unbranded unlocked? or just unbranded?

    Just unbranded. The update will not unlock your phone; you'll still have to call Cingular for that.

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