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    Cingular's offering a Treo for $370 less a $150 rebate equalling $220. But I'm concerned with the rebate terms. To quote: "...activate a Cingular voice plan $39.99 and higher with a Data Connect or Xpress feature $34.99 or higher.".

    Given that many Cingular users are accessing the Internet with a $20 or $25 MediaNet package, this rebate appears to require a data plan more expensive than I need. Anybody have any comments or workarounds on this rebate?
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    Well You'll have to do some calculation, see how many months you're suppose to have the data plan, or see how long to get your rebate check. Once you do, drop that data plana nd get the MediaNet. You'll probably still save money.

    rebate checks usually take 2-3 months. That makes it $100. $220 + $100 = $320. That's still friggin cheap for a Treo 650.

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