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    What is the best firmware for cingular 650 (unlock version)?

    My treo is cingular branded but it had been unlocked.

    The firmware is 01.51, software treo650-1b.17-CNG, hardware : A.

    I bought this phone from ebay two months ago, every since I have the problems.

    Every time I make a call the signal is dropped after 2 minutes, and the phone is gone to no service mode. and then it starts to search for the network. I have to reboot the phone to get it back to normal. If I can make a call or receive the call, a person I talk to is hardly hear my voice, but I hear them just fine. Anyone has the same types of problems?
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    This procedure worked with my unlocked Cingular with Treo650-1.17-CNG software in it. I followed the instuctions on the first page. I used the lastest update for the unlocked GSM Treo 650 that I got from instead of the 1.13 version that is linked in the first post for the second update.
    (The current version of the software is 1.20 and the firmware version is 1.71. It is March 12, 2007 as of this post.)

    Thanks so much!

    No more cingular branding... now where was that link to get the printed logo of the device?

    Again, thank you very much.
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    tks , and i copy your tips to TAOBAO. in my blog . also ,i reserved your name .
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    Okay, funny question time!

    I've searched and I would like an answer to this simple question. Why would I unbrand a Cingular phone?

    What would I gain? (I wish there was a simple FAQ that answered that, lol)

    Increased stability...and what else, lol

    Increased stability is about all I could glean. Thanks for any help.
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