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    Quote Originally Posted by LeePadgett
    I can't find out where my phone tells me what ROM and firmware it is running.
    1. Turn off phone
    2. Pack in box
    3. Return to ..... OH WAIT... just kidding!

    Really, you do this...
    1. Turn on phone
    2. Go to phone application
    3. Select Phone Info from the Options menu.

    The ones you want are Firmware and Software. Mine are 01.51 and Treo650-1.13-ROW (respectively).
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    OMG.. OMG .... OMG

    Taroliw -- Thank you so much, yeah ... got the part about sending it back.. like if I can't figure it out.. maybe it is smarter than I am and I need to let it go <laugh>

    I was there once and couldn't figure out how to get back but found it. Can't believe people are talking about 1.51 and 1.71 and mine is 1.04 yikes.. and the software is 1.02 CNG that has Gotta GO!!!

    Ok now for how to update it and where to find the instructions and downloads. I think what I am reading says I need an SD (I ordered two but they haven't gotten here yet) and more an SD reader for my pc???? yikes haven't even thought of that

    Thanks everyone.. now more work more work!!!!!!

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    Need is a strong word. If you read the Palm instructions for the upgrade -- I don't see why you couldn't go direct to 1.17, actually -- it will tell you to use Hotsync. That should work -- whether it works WELL is another story. Some of us prefer SD because it avoids Hotsync hassles. But if you follow some steps -- that others have captured here -- then even Hotsync can be a relatively painless process.
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    I keep getting jumbled between the firmware and software. I want to change the firmware first right then update the software??

    Once I get the firmware updated using the steps shown here which will get me from 1.04 to 1.23 or 1.28 right?? then I need to find another place to update from there to 1.51 or 1.71??? Where would that be??

    Once I do all that then I can go to the palm site and update the software to the unlocked 1.13 version right???

    Really sorry to sound so bumbling here but want to make sure I do this right and I am not techie enough to be at all intuitive about this.

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    Just to say "thanks" from someone who JUST got enough guts to give it a try. I initially tried Palm File Browser to move the updater to the SD card - it didn't work, but CardExport II did the trick just fine. Again, merci, gracias and Danke schön.
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    Well JOY JOY!! and Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!

    Firmware updated to 1.28/1.13ROW, a couple of bobbles but overall not a huge big deal (only a small big deal) yep needed CardExporter rather than buying a card reader, got FileZ installed and favorite buttons not all editable but gone if they aren't what I want. Gotta love the "if you can't change it kill it" philosophy of management. Now going to try for another update to a newer firmware .. like this is just way too much fun or something..

    Thanks again,
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    I have an unlocked 650 and I'm trying to remove the Orange branding but I'm falling at the first hurdle, namely my phone won't accept the Palm (1.23) file on my sd card because "there is no application on the device". I'm following codywalker's guide posted on June 23rd last year.

    Course this maybe because I accidentally deleted an application on the phone which I think was called "Device Organiser" or something but, aside of that, I'm confused.

    I'm a bit of a novice (no prizes there) so if anyone knows a simpler way of getting rid of the rubbishy Orange firmware then I'd be very grateful.
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    Can someone please tell me where I can get the 1.28 SD-version? Don't have a hotsync cable and wanted to update and the ftp that had the file is passworded. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I am a complete newbie...I have bought a unlocked cingular treo 650 from ebay's software version is 1.06 and firware is 1.23....I am using it in pakistan so can somebody please give me a walkthrough of how to update my phone software
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    Quote Originally Posted by hussain
    I am a complete newbie...I have bought a unlocked cingular treo 650 from ebay's software version is 1.06 and firware is 1.23....I am using it in pakistan so can somebody please give me a walkthrough of how to update my phone software
    The Instructions in the first post in this thread worked for me...

    Some people are using newer updates. You can search this forum for "Unlocked GSM" to find more information.
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    I need some serious help...

    I used the step provided by CODYWALKER to unlocook my phone and upgrade the firmware and it worked like a charm...
    Now my phone says... TREO650-1.20-ENA
    Firmware: 01.71


    after the 3 mins (what i set it to) the power save feature is activated and the unit is off but i cant turn it back on....

    AT ALL!!!!!

    I have to remove the battery and then it does it all over again after the 3 mins or if I hit the red button......

    What did I do....????????

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    i went back to the first update and it is ok now...
    I think my issue was i didnt do the "upgrade" profile.

    I used my own....
    could that be why?

    well im gonna try it again...
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    Success ...

    I've upgraded my unlocked Cingular 650 to 1.20-ENA. Painless; previous data restored fine. As a bonus, the phone even works :^)

    One or two side effects?

    1) the Phone Info screen does not show entries after Number, IMEI Number, SA Number, or Firmware. Did this happen when i resync'd to the same user that I had prior to the upgrade?? Software *does* show Treo650-1.20-ENA.

    resolved => phone needs to be ON to see this info

    2) cingular apps appear gone BUT i still have the cingular 'hot keys' in the phone app (bill balance, check min, dir assist, voice dial) - and the delete button does not appear.

    resolved => to delete cingular favorites see this thread

    Last edited by AndyN; 02/25/2006 at 11:33 AM. Reason: resolved issues ..
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    Hi i try to unluck my treo but i have no firmware after do all steep, can u help me??i try to put the sim card but did not work!

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    I updated a while ago to 1.28/1.13ROW. I'm ready to do the new firmware update, but my software version doens't say CNA, CNB, or CNG anymore. Hardware version says "A", so should I download CNA and update? Any SD methods out there for it?

    Also, any drawbacks to just updating again to the unlocked firmware? Of course Palm and Cingular say don't because of incompatibility issues. Any reports?

    Thanks for any help
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    MisterCoffee1 sent me to this thread. It was a breeze to get from Cingular to the 1.28.
    Thanks to you and to the support you had.
    So happy......
    M100, M515, Tungsten E, Treo 600, Treo 650 unlocked GSM; SW 1.20 ENA; FW 1.71 (T-mobile)
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    I think the instructions on the 1st page burnt my NEW treo 650...............................what is the UPDATED instructions and firmwares????????????????????????????
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    What are the current firmware and software versions for the Cingular 650? Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by codywalker View Post
    *This will not unlock/lock your phone, this is a firmware upgrade, if you want to lock it, lock it, if you want to unlock it, then unlock it, either way has nothing to do with this thread*
    Just got done doing this myself, many thanks to Taroliw for the walk-through, feel free to ask me any question, i'll do my best to answer it, yet I'm no guru. if you I can do this anyone can. not claiming it won't screw up your phone, but worked for me.

    you should know that once you do this, there is no going back to the previous version or cingular branded firmware as of now. Thanks jojocat.

    - Read this whole damn thing especially the very last paragraph before doing anything.
    - backup all your files with a hotsync, then if you want to be sure, go ahead and export each thing to a file.
    - what sucks is I just know some of you won't read this whole thing and will just jump right into it, I can't wait till you put the SD card back in after you have 1.28 installed and you go along with the installation, gonna make me laugh. =-) actually it won't.. just cause I know I'd probably do the same thing. lol.

    I upgraded from the install that was on the phone when I bought it. 1.04 or
    1.05 I believe.

    1. Your going to have to get the 1.23 upgrade first. (for an explanation of why you can't just go straight to the newest 1.28 read below). I am hosting this file on my website via a cable modem, you can easily find it elsewhere though. If my site is down sry.. but after all its a cable modem!

    *Q: Why can't I go straight to 1.28? Wouldn't that be easier? A: It won't let you so ha! the official ROW (unlocked) updater will not overwrite a non-ROW install.

    2. I am going to teach the SD card method. So you have to get the PALM folder (contents of that zip file you just downloaded) onto your SD card. You can plug your sd card into some type of reader so you can copy files onto it, or you can just get "Card Export" and use your treo to do it.

    3. Copy the "PALM" folder from that zip you downloaded (the whole folder, not just the contents) to your SD card, make sure NOTHING else is on your SD card except this folder.

    4. Turn the radio off and remove your sim card
    5. remove the SD card
    6. take the sylus out and do a soft reset
    7. Your sim card and the SD card should NOT BE in your phone. Now place the SD card in your phone and it should pop up with some instructions, just follow them and badda boom. you are going to "HAVE TO" plug your palm in when it tells you to or it won't let you proceed.
    8. When it comes up and says select which patch or something like that to use, it will delay about 5-10 seconds before proceeding.. I think I punched the thing like 20 times, just click ok ONCE and wait, don't screw it up!

    9. A progress bar will come up and let you know whats going on. after 100% it will come up with what looks like a txt document and code scrolling by, the whole thing takes about 3 min, the progress bar took about 5-8 min.

    10. Don't freak out, your phone will power cycle a few times. Your phone will come back up. plug the Sim back in and turn the radio on (hold down power button). go to teh main phone screen, hit the top right "menu" key on your keypad and check the firmware, it should say 1.23. If it does continue to step 11, if it doesnt... cry.. pray... then post =-)

    ----- 1.23 to 1.28 ----
    go to palm one's site and download the update or you can grab it from my site (not gonna be pretty on the bandwidth, I recommend going for palmone site)
    my site...

    1. Unzip the installer and run it.
    2. At this point you should have nothing on your palm, (hope ya backed up!)
    3. FOLLOW the on screen instructions, CREATE A NEW USER called "UPGRADE" (this doesn't matter what you name it, just shutup and go with upgrade and listen to a guy thats done it, muah)
    4. let it go, when it asks for power, give it power (you can unplug the hotsync cable)
    5. it will take you through the same stuff you dealt with in the first 1.23 upgrade. let it go
    6. When it comes back up you can hit cancel on your computer (its just going to try and backup stuff back to your palm, but because we used a user called "upgrade', there really isn't anything to backup.
    7. plug it in and run a hotsync, use the old user you had and make sure everything is set up right to put it back on your palm.

    BADDA BING, BADDA BAM, badda 1.28....

    Insert the SIM CARD and turn the radio on, check the firmware (phone, menu, phone info) and it should say 1.28, if it didn't that sucks, god be with you. =-)

    *** READ THIS (I learned the hard way) ***
    NOW, go to cardexport and connect to desktop BEFORE you put that damned SD card in again, if you don't do it this way, it will try and run the files on the SD CARD. DELETE that damned PALM folder. there ya go. if your dumb and your just now reading this AFTER you put the card in and it says "plug in the power", just take the battery out and take the sim card out, then battery back in, no harm done. if your dumb and you hit ok.. good luck moron, shoulda read this first! Also, wondering why I have this in Bold? I'm a moron and stuck the SD card in and I don't like to think about the rest. Lets just say it wasn't pretty.

    ok sounds good to me, I'm a total newb so maybe this is not the best howto, if you want to change it go right ahead. Thanks to all you guys who have helped me in the past. Special thanks to Taroliw for helping me do this. feel free to ask whateva questions you want...

    -Cody Walker
    Ok. Thank you for your tips. But how can I copy the whole "PALM" folder in my SD Card. I tried, but it does'nt accept. So, in fisrt place, anybody wants to help me.
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