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    Quote Originally Posted by suckstobeme
    you can't believe this. I took the car to a Cingular store today in hopes of getting "something" to work with, but nothing did! First off the guy said TREO 650 from cingulr is not gonna support your BMW then he tried three different phone. A Motorola RAZR and two BLACKBERRIES. RAZR with Cingular is listed as a compatible phone on BMW's website and that didn't work with the car. The only thing that does work is a Motorola flip flop from Cingular but that's not good enough for email and other stuff.

    So now I'm beginning to wonder if somehow my bimmer is screwed up and "it" needs to be reset or whatever. Of course the dealers dont have a clue on what could be he problem but one idea that crossed my mind was what if the stupid carkit in the car thinks it's still trying to connect to the flip flop motorola phone no matter what phone we try to connect it to, because the flip flop was the first phone we used with this car before we tried anything else.

    The dealer guy said there should be an option under menu and bluetooth of the car to delete all bluetooth devices but the only bluetooth option is udner settings and that's to turn on or off the bluetooth (and of course we tried that with no result)!!!

    so anyone with a bimmer if could probb guide me in the right path or if could share any experices I'd appreciate it!

    I'm no expert on this, but I would say that your BMW is kinda like a headset, it problem stores eight or so phones in its memory...and is always searching for the last one it was paired with.
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    now, if I get a sprint plan and destroy my cingular SIM card will my TREO 650 work if I install a custom ROM for sprint? also does Sprint have SIM cards? if not what's the deal then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by suckstobeme
    now, if I get a sprint plan and destroy my cingular SIM card will my TREO 650 work if I install a custom ROM for sprint? also does Sprint have SIM cards? if not what's the deal then?
    you are becoming a broken record, over and over again with the same thing. Don't you read posts?

    Your question has been answered MANY TIMES!

    Ok, I'll try to answer your question one more time:

    go ahead and destroy your Cingular SIM, better yet, flush it down the toilet. Then go down to any Sprint store and ask them for a SIM card for your GSM Treo. When they tell you that they don't have SIM's for their phones tell them they are lying and that you read on the internet that they do. They just have to get a manager's approval to give you one of the CDMA SIM cards from their secret stash in the back that only people on the internet know about.

    Oh, and about flashing the Sprint ROM onto the Cingular phone? Yeah, it will work. Just download the software from the BMW Sprint GSM Bluetooth Update website and double click the software icon to install....

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    I'm tired of this game... I just want a freaking device that works with my bimmer. I took the car to the cingular store and they couldnt find anythign that works with it except my original motorola flip phone. I'm sick and tired!

    Motorola RAZR didnt work either same thing with blackberry
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    you have insurance right. if for some reason, palmone doesn't want to exchange your phone because you 'upgraded' the firmware, just 'lose' it and get another.
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    just want to say that i have successfully upgraded a locked cingular branded gsm to 1.28 courtesy of cody, lovecostarica and shawdowmite.

    i went from default to 1.23 to 1.28 using an sd card and reader. worked like a charm. ha cingular i have bluetooth dun now.

    much obliged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by franknitty69
    you have insurance right. if for some reason, palmone doesn't want to exchange your phone because you 'upgraded' the firmware, just 'lose' it and get another.
    I didn't think Cingular insured the 650.

    And nice job recommending someone commit fraud.
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    I want to thank Cody for posting the upgrade it work just fine no problems at all. You do good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stacyb
    Just to update -
    I had bought my cingular unlocked phone on ebay, using it on tmobile. I was able to successfully update to 1.28 through this method. So far, it appears everything works fine, I can make calls on tmo and all cingular branding is GONE!!
    Rock on.
    Your description mirrors my situation exactly -- purchase unlocked Cingular phone on e-bay, using it on T-Mobile, etc. Your post was dated 6/17/05; have you experienced any further problems since you did the update?

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    My Cingular has 1.31 upgrade. Can I still install the 1.28 unlocked version? will i loose any improvemants?
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    you can install the 1.13 unlocked ROW update. however, when you do it, it will overright your 1.31 firmware back to 1.28FW (the firmware packaged with 1.13). All you have to do is download the 1.31 firmware files from another thread and you will have Treo650-1.13-ROW and FW1.31. Thats what I use and my phone is solid like a rock.
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    Where do i get the unlocked Row update?
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    Also does this method make my Treo unbranded. So IE I will have the best of the Cing 1.31 and unbranded 1.28?
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    you can download the official 1.13 ROW update from PALM @

    or you can download a custom SD install version @,17706.0.html

    Yes this will make your Treo unbranded with the generic PALM branding
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    So you think this is the best combination of software/firmware period?
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    I upgraded and now have 1.13 with 1.28. I installed the 1.31 files via hotsynch and after the soft reset it still says I have firmware 1.28. SHould it say 1.31?
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    Here what i experienced with my Orange Switzerland treo 650:
    The first update 1.23 with update from SD-Card worked fine, only as my device kept rebooting, I had to do a hard reset, and everything was good, orange branding was gone... - but 2nd one, 1.28, with update via hotsync didn't work. It told me that this update wasn't possible with my device.
    But fourtunatly I found this site:,17706.0.html
    they have a customized version of the ROM where you can even choose which files should be on the treo and which not - this upgrade worked then fine with my little machine.
    The only thing - I better shouldn't have touched the ROM-files. I took out the tutorials and language files I don't need - now my device keeps rebooting and even a hard reset doesn't change this - so I will have to bring my treo to the next Orange shop and hope they'll fix this :-(
    But If you don't touch the ROM everything's fine - but probably old SMS and MMS can't be read anymore by the updated device - a little bit anoying but not that bad.
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    Cody Walker & Co., you are officially elevated to Genius status. I went an extra (perhaps even anal-retentive) mile and upgraded the firmware first to 1.15, then to 1.23, after which I ran the Updater and got rid of all Cingular branding in the firmware and software while retaining the unlocked state of the phone.

    Kudos to all ...
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    I have a TMobile account which I need to keep.

    My cousin (who sold me his Treo) got the unlock code from Cingular.

    I've read this document a few times, and I'm shaking. But, I guess I need to unlock the phone first, then perform the firmware un-branding upgrade step-by-step per this guide.

    I sure hope this works... or I just bought a paper weight.
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    I got a unlock 650 from ebay which was a cingular I upgrade mine and have not had one thing go wrong

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