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    I have a t600 from Orange, UK. I moved to Vermont, USA in Sept. and waited patiently till the archaic US cell systems are getting up to GSM level here in the sticks. Now it is and I'm stoked! But, I am using a unicel sim card and these guys have no idea about, or pretend to, using a different phone than they sell. They don't have any info on how to configure my phone to allow me to check e-mail, browse, whatever. basically to set up my treo for connection.

    Can anyone out there help me along?

    I want to be able to do my surfing and check my e-mail on the treo. I can not do this because it is not configured to the unicel configuration is not known to me, and how to do it, or what to ask them for.

    Anybody got any suggestions?
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    Yes, does anyone have any knowledge on Unicel and GPRS in Vermont? I am using Cingular roaming on Unicel, but the GPRS works only about half of the time. Please let me know if you have any knowledge. Thanks!

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