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    I've read a bunch of the threads here, but I'd like a clear yes/no before I go out and buy a Treo 650 and the MediaNet plan.

    From what I've read, this is what I want to do:

    - Use the Treo 650 w/ the unlimited data plan to browse the web and things on the Treo.
    - Connect my Treo 650 via BlueTooth or a cable to my laptop
    - Use the web on the laptop via the Treo 650 data plan as well.

    Am I correct in assuming this works well? I'm in a band and we plan to be touring the US in the near future, so it would be a great help to be able to just hop on the Internet while in the van and grab directions or whatever if we get lost, make updates to our website from the road, etc.

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    It works you'll need to purchase a program from this website called pdanet.
    The only question that isn't resolve is if you need to buy a $40.00 pda package instead of a $19.95 media net package for phones to get "unlimited access to the net without charge when you hook up the laptop.
    I've got the media net and have accessed it with my laptop one time to see if I get additional charges.
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    Many of us use pdanet with our treos on Cingular's MediWorks Unlimited for no additional fees. (now called MediaNet Unlimited)
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    Can't you also use bluetooth and Shadowmite's DUN hack?

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