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    The Cingular SIM card blocks the Treo 650 from allowing it to access manual network select (OPTIONS >> SELECT NETWORK in phone app). This is very inconveinient because there are a lot of problems right now especially in NYC with Cingular Orange and Blue towers etc. In my house, the new Cingular Blue has 1 bar of service while Cingular Orange has 4 bars. My 650 always wants to stay on the Blue network even though the 64k smartchip is "supposed" to log onto the closest, higest service network.

    us Cingular 650ers NEED a hack to allow us to access this manual network menu. I will do ANYTHING to get it so I can have my service back. My old Motorola v600 had a seem edit that let the phone bypass the sim block of this menu. I am sure someone can write a program or hack that can accomplish the same thing.

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    Not too sure, but if you call Cingular and get it unlocked, don't you get that option?

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    Yes please, we need a hack.
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    refer to my post in this thread, we're making some progress

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