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    i would think so.. it doesnt sound smart to keep towers that dont benifit them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nonobeez
    Do the Cingular blue and orange towers run at different Frequency? I suspect in some regions they have both 850 and 1900 MHz towers. Which carriers use 850?
    I live in Plano, TX in a house made of concrete brick (instead of the typical clay brick). Between the trees and the concrete, my 1900 MHz signal is awful. For some reason my Treo 650 insists on registering with that tower instead of another nearby 850 MHz tower. I'm pretty sure that the 1900 is Cingular orange and the 850 is Cingular blue. I've deduced this from speaking with service reps about tower locations and my own research into things I have since pushed out of my mind.

    If I manually select the network that I believe to be 850/Cingular blue then I have a great signal. I still have EDGE, so I'm sure that it's a Cingular tower I'm on. From what I understand they will be slowly converting all of the blue towers to orange and switching primarily to using 850.
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    I always thought that the higher frequency had better penetration, that is why it is now more commonly used in high-end cordless phones. The lower frequency goes a longer distance though.

    You may just have a 850 MHz tower closer, and it works better. I think 850 MHZ was initially used because the frequency was already allocated for cell use. Even in europe, they are moving away from the 900 MHZ.

    I always use 1900 MHz on T-mobile and it works great. They bought (or are in the process of buying) cingular towers, and I suspect they will keep them at 1900 MHz.

    I don't think Cingular will be going strictly 850.... anyone know for sure?
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    Question; can I get this hack for the new "Chinese" firmware (1.20-APR). I have attached Phone_enUS.prc

    Thanks! Dale
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    I've posted the new 1.17-CNG 'network select' hack:
    Go ahead and download it, 3 people have already tested it and say it works.
    YUP Works
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    Quote Originally Posted by netdale
    Question; can I get this hack for the new "Chinese" firmware (1.20-APR). I have attached Phone_enUS.prc

    Thanks! Dale
    I'm sorry this took so long. I'm traveling on business and haven't had even a moment's time. I finally got a few minutes to do it.
    You said "firmware" but can you verify that you meant software?
    Your software version is "Treo650-1.20-APR" correct? I just want to know for when I post it. Also if you could tell me the firmware version it would be nice as well.

    So test it out and please respond to me if it works either posting here or by PM as you did before.

    Please BACK UP YOUR TREO before installing it. If it works it works, if it doesn't you could end up in a reboot loop although that shouldn't happen. Reboot loops only happen when you install one from the wrong software version, but this one is from your Treo.

    This version posted here is for the Chinese version only! (those with 1.20-ARP) software version. Everyone else go to the download page for the right version:
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    I can confirm this works PERFECTLY!!!!! Thanks
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    One should mention that should you wind up in a reboot loop, take off the battery cover and hit the reset button and hold the 5-way button up until the Palm logo shows to do a warm reset, which will let you launch Filez or such and delete the offending overlay (or program in general).

    Yes, you have to hit the reset button, just because it's rebooting on its own I've found sometimes it won't warm restart unless you do.
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    That's good to know, thanks for posting that. I didn't think the up w/ reset button worked when in this particular boot loop. I mean I knew about how to do it, I just thought it didn't work when getting a boot loop with this (wrong version) hack. I'm working on a new web page for the downloads with all of the necessary information and I'll make sure to include this.
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    Yeah, this is just any normal reset.. It loads the wrong overlay, gets confused, resets, over and over. Warm reset SHOULD block it from getting loaded. It's possible I'm wrong though, I haven't exactly tried it specifically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casonbang
    My phone will reset back to automatic network selection on reboot.

    If I choose a network, it also seems to keep with that network even if it can't get service.

    I'm Treo 650 on Cingular.
    BTW has anyone figured out a way around this? I hate having to set it back to my preferred network selection on every soft reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Yeah, this is just any normal reset.. It loads the wrong overlay, gets confused, resets, over and over. Warm reset SHOULD block it from getting loaded. It's possible I'm wrong though, I haven't exactly tried it specifically.
    I ended up having to do a hard reset. I definitely recommend backing up before using the wrong version of the overlay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casonbang
    I ended up having to do a hard reset. I definitely recommend backing up before using the wrong version of the overlay.
    Ouch... Although I always hard reset before and after FW updates.. No biggie I guess, but some don't. Caveat emptor.
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    So I have a Cingular Branded Treo650 01.15 Firmware
    and software Treo650-1.17-CNG and get that error previous listed "pplicationcannot be launchedbecuaeit is missing localization information" and have to hard reset back to scratch... I have tried downloading both the overlay and the prc. Another problem I find on Taylors web site is when I click on the links I get a bunch of nuts and letters and writing.... Umm yeah any help would be appreciated. OH and I have a 3G sim card if that matters at all... I tried installing it to ram using filez and rescoe
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    any suggestions to getting this work? Also to Taylor, on your website the link to the 1.17G (Firmware 1.15) doesn't work i just get a page of numbers/letters/words
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    I have a Cingular service in Portland, OR.
    I applied the Hack for 1.71fw/1.20 APR (China)
    I get 2 Cingular Choices. Which one do I pick?
    2nd Question: If I choose one and then can't remember which one I picked,
    how would I get my phone back to the original settings.
    would deleting the Hack just make the phone go back to the original Cingular settings?
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    Holy cow. I didn't even know there was activity on this thread, I guess I've stopped getting email updates (gotta resubscribe to the thread.) I've been so freakin' busy with work the last 2 months I've not kept up. Sorry it took so long to respond!

    Sorry about the problems AppleTreo. The download problem appears to be a "MIME" type problem. Either the web server or your browser is not identifying the mime type of the file extension properly and treating it like a text file, I assume.
    Try a different web browser, see if it allows you to download the file normally.

    Also, I wasn't going to publish this URL. I'm moving that page to a new site I'm getting ready to put up, and this happens to be the first and only piece of content I've posted
    You can download the hacks from this URL:
    The web site is far from ready for prime time. I even removed the main index page because I don't want people on the site, but that particular page is good to go for downloads at least.

    Berdink. Cingular does this dirty trick where they override the name of the GSM networks and make them all "Cingular." It doesn't matter what the tower reports, Cingular will re-tag them "Cingular." They do this so that when/if you roam you won't know and thus customers will not be concerned they're paying roaming charges (since Cingular did away with roaming fees in the US.) So if you roam on TMobile for example, you'll see "Cingular".

    So there's no way to know from the select network list. In many cases you won't be able to register with the other "Cingulars" on the list because they aren't really Cingular and they may not have a roaming agreement with that carrier. Most of the time the other one will be T-Moble. If you have 3 Cingulars it could be Cingular (orange) Cingular (formerly AT&T aka 'blue') and T-Mobile. Many/most markets have blue/orange integrated so there's only 1 Cingular now and T-Mobile or whatever other local small carrier that might be in the area.

    I can tell you this:
    The first one in the list is your preferred network and the one your phone registered with.
    The second one is the other available network that you're not currently using.
    They should show up in the order that your SIM has specified for priority with the preferred networks toward the top and roaming partners toward the bottom.

    There's a little trick to figure out which carrier your on:
    1. Get the program FileZ (it's Free)
    2. Run FileZ and "View and Edit Files"
    3. Select "Internal"
    4. Check mark the file "CurrentCarrier"
    5. Press "Menu" then "Edit"
    You'll see two records in the list, "0" and "1".
    Click on "0" and click "View", you'll see the hex code of that record which will have a number "310410[]Cingular....etc"
    Do the same with Record "1". In most cases it'll have the same thing.

    Here's what you're looking at:
    Record #0 is what you're "HOME" netowork is. This the the network that your phone considers the home network and the one it will always prefer to be on. This is merely the first and foremost MNC in the list on your SIM (#1 spot.) This record 0 doesn't have anything to do with what you're actually using.
    Record #1 is the network you're actually registerd with and using at the moment.
    In most cases record 0 and 1 will be the same because you're actally using the primary preferred home network.

    The numbers are the MNC codeds of the networks.
    310410 is Cingular. This is the primary MNC of Cingular nationwide and what all of Cingular's networks are being re-numbered to.
    310380 is what was AT&T wireless aka "Cinguar Blue"
    310170 is now T-Mobile in California. Used to be Cingular Orange. was Pacific bell Wirless prior to that.

    In my case I have 2 networks in california. 310-170 and 310-380. My SIM is programed for 310410 as my home network which is the national standard for Cingular.

    So Record 0 shows "310410" for me.
    Record 0 shows "310170" or "310380" for me because I'll be using one or the other. We don't have a 310-410 here in California (yet).
    When i travel to other parts of the US It'll usually show "310410" as record 1.

    Eventually for california 310-380 WILL BE renumbered 310-410. An 310-170 might be renumbered to T-Mobile's main MNC code when/if they get around to it. The day that that happens my phone will prefer the blue network and T-Mobile's network will become the secondary.

    By the way. To answer the question about the phone returning to automatic mode after reset. No I don't know of any workaround. This is just the way the Treo operates with any SIM even without the hack.
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    Thanks taylorh,
    So if I understood you correctly, it doesn't matter if I don't choose the best one, because a soft reset will return it to original settings.
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    Thanks Taylor it worked using firefox!!! AWESOME I love it!! haha sorry I'm so stoked i'm just glad i got it working!
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    taylorh, have you or anyone else been able to modify the hack so the tower alpha tag is displayed in network selection rather than "cingular" for every network detected?

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