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    New to the forum, love the old 270 and am thinking of buying one off eBay that is set up to work with Rogers wireless in Canada. I was thinking of just popping my old T-mobile sim in -- will that work?

    (The darned flip tops keep breaking off on my 270s, but otherwise I love the simplicity of the thing so am resorting to buying old ones off ebay -- this is the first canadian one I've tried though so am wondering if anyone knows if it will be different) Thanks
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    Well the Rogers could be locked, but as long as your are in good standing with T-Mobile they may be able to unlocked it for you.

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    I bought a Treo 180 off ebay from Canadian seller a few years ago and it worked flawlesslywith my TMO SIM. Not sure if it was Rogers or if the 270 is similar in this regard. Maybe you can check with the seller to see if it is unlocked, he may be able to contact his provider or even try another SIM in it.

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