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    Just signed up with Cingular and bought a Treo. Here's a bizarre and frustrating problem that just started today.

    When I call up voice mail and try to enter my password, Cingular thinks I'm sometimes hitting a button twice when I am not. I discovered this when I tried to re-enter a password, and the voice called back to me "You entered 999733" when I had only entered "9973." It randomly doubled two keystrokes, but not any others. Also, when I follow the instruction to enter my area code and phone number, the voice cuts me off in the middle, telling me I have entered too many digits (i.e., more than 10) and to try again.

    When I check voice mail from a land line, there are no problems.

    So, clearly the Cingular voice mail system is hearing me push buttons more times than I am on my Treo.


    --Tried Keypad, screen dialing, screen dialing with stylus. Tried hitting the buttons as briefly as possible on each stroke. Tried leaving a long pause between each keystroke. Same result every time.

    --Created a button to dial the voice mail number, then the password as "extra digits." Same result whether automatic or manual.

    The weird thing is, I set up the voice mail from my Treo two days ago with no problem. The problems just started today.

    Any advice?
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    Egg on my face.

    It was the speakerphone. The tones must have been echoing. I realized this when someone I was talking to said she could hear her voice echoing back at her when I used the speakerphone.


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