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    I am in New Hampshire, the map shows NH as covered for EDGE. Mobile Speed Test from DSL reports shows a whopping 28KBPS, and just recently shot up to an amazing 50KBPS. I am using Unlimited MediaNet. Where are my speeds?

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    Oh yeah, and I can't access either.

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    lso, instead of seeing images, I see this supposed to happen on MediaNet? Thanks.

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    Same problem here..

    First it was 20kbps, now it is 50kbps with unlimited media net..


    I can't access any e-mail programs (hotmail, yahoo, gmail) b/c I get a javascript error when it is enabled..

    Really, really cruddy.

    Let me know if you find out anything.
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    i jus got 95kbit/sec
    83 kbit/sec
    and 75 kbit/sec

    on medianet unlimited....eastern PA. i have no problem accessing yahoo mail from the browser, but i never was able to access Gmail.
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    I can access GMail through VersaMail, however I was so kindly informed by Cingular AFTER I placed my order that because my area is a mostly former AT&T covered area, that compatibility issues cause me to not get an EDGE connection in an area clearly advertised as EDGE compatible. And they used another EDGE phone to check, and told me that their Nokia was getting GPRS too. I'm now getting anywhere between 50 and 70 KBPS depending on signal strength.

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    How can you tell that you are getting the Edge network vs. GPRS? I get the triangle on the bars, but I think that is GPRS!

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    Well I usually use a speed test ( your average GRPS connection is 45KBPS - 60KBPS. EDGE speeds can usually range anywhere from 80KBPS - 115KBPS.

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    I'm in Santa Clara, CA and mspeed has reported about 100Kbit/sec (not to be confused with KB/sec) in each of six tests... with a mix of 200KB and 600KB attempts. So it's a fair bet I'm getting EDGE here. I agree it wouldn't be a bad thing to have some kind of idicator of whether EDGE is present in the current cell.
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    I live in Santa Clara, CA also, across the street from the new Rivermark. I just purchased a Cingular Treo 650 from Amazon and was concerned about Edge coverage. Do you have a feel for how the speeds differ throughout the day? How is the latency? I just bought a Sprint Treo and get 1 bar coverage in my house so back it goes. Do you recommend doing the 1.23 - 1.28 rom upgrade before I install anything on it or just wait for the official Cingular update? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks!
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    Well, for the fixes it brings I would definitely recommend the new firmware. I purchased my phone as a palm-branded unlocked GSM, so I didn't have to override CNG software. I know that many people are rolling over to ROW to replace CNG software... but not sure if that will cause them support issues or the inability to go back to CNG software later. Read through the threads and let your best judgement guide you on that question.

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