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    is edge available yet in new york city yet?
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    now I start to doubt it may be working
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    I'm with cingular.. not only is the data transfer slow, but versamail is unreliable.....
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    I may be wrong
    I found some areas in Brooklyn have faster load speed
    but when I use field test on 6230, nothing special
    but I still suspect EDGE is available in these areas
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    I got 88 kbps on an dslreports mspeed test today! I'm in central NJ.
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    In midtown Manhattan...slow.
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    yes, nyc has edge. i'm on t-mo and have checked and found edge in downtown brooklyn, lower manhattan, upper west side.
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    From my office in Midtown (50th & 7th Ave.) -- SLOW
    From my apt. on Upper West Side -- Much faster

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