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    My husband and I finally got our new Treo 650s from Cingular yesterday. We switched from Verizon after some billing issues and the expense. However, we've already had 4 dropped calls which we never had with Verizon. Anyone else having this problem? My hubby is really frustrated since his phone is his lifeline.

    Also, the Treo locked up when he was trying to make an international calling card call. Anyone know about this?

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    I believe at first international calls are barred. If you go to the Phone application, pull down the menu, click options, and scroll down to call barring, you can check.

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    I'm in Atlanta too. I have had problems with dropped calls in Atlanta on my 650. So much so that I have had Cingular replace the phone 3 times. I finally have one that works ok.

    Make sure you have the Orange White and Blue 64k sim card.
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    I'm in the Atlanta area. I don't have many dropped calls, but I do have periodic (very inconvenient) Blazer outages. It takes anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes for Cingular to fix them, depending on the CS rep's experience.
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    Slightly off topic, but do you all get EDGE in Atlanta? I'll be heading down there sometime in July...

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    u shouldn't have any problems with cingular in atlanta...i mean they are located here..and i think the have the most towers up in this city
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