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    I just bought the Sprint Treo 650 yesterday (14 days to return and counting) and I have to say I am disappointed in the reception. My (very) old T-Mobile Nokia cellular phone blows it away in reception and call clarity. Generally if my Nokia:T-Mobile showing 3 bars, my Treo:Sprint is showing 1 bar. I am told it sounds like I am talking in a well, and the people I listen to do sound clear, but the phone just drops a word here and there. I live in the Birmingham (Helena) AL area. Is Cingular (or Verizon) known for have generally better coverage on their digital phones than Sprint? I'm not sure I can keep this phone if this is as good as it gets. I love the phone, but I have to be able to make calls with it.

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    I switched from Sprint to Cingular recently (650's on both carriers) ...... I found Sprint coverage in my region (Philadelphia) and while traveling to be pretty good ...... Cingular has been every bit as good if not better ......
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    I switched from Sprint to Cingular recently as well and so far my coverage has improved.
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    i just changed 10 users from vz to sprint, and many of them hate it. they complain that they constantly drop calls, especially when they are in car or on train, where they didnt have that prob with vz in same spots.
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    I think I'm switching from Sprint to Cingular.
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    I have Verizon in Orinda, CA outside of San Francisco. My coverage here is the worst! I am trying to find out which carrier is best for my area. It seems that this really is not consistent. I had Cingular before and it was wonderful. Verizon is terrible with dropped calls and poor coverage in this area. I have friends with Sprint here who love it.

    Please say where you are so we can get a sense of the coverage quality in your area.

    If anyone has a 650 in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda area please tell me if you prefer Cingular or Sprint.


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