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    So i switched 10 of our users over from vz to cingular, 1/2 on treo 650's 1/2 on moto razer's. I am getting complaints from several of them that the network/service basically sucks compared to verizon. I knew there would be a difference, but I didnt think it would be this bad. They complain of consistant dropped calls, and poor audio quality/echo. The users are based in the nyc area, but travel frequently, and report the same shoddy service in places such as the dc metro area, and the east coast of florida. The florida especially bothers me, as its one big flat area, and if cingular cant get penetration there, I dont see much hope for anywhere else. Anyone have any insight into this comparision. Is the service going to get any better? GSM seemed to work great when I was in europe last month, yet here, it really seems to be sub par.
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    I live in the DC Metro area (Nothern VA) and use Cingular. It has decent coverage in most places. Unfortunately, not in my new house though =(. There is a tower next to my work though, so its great there.

    Verizon is good in this area, especially if you are taking the metro a lot. They are the only carrier with equipment installed so you can get a signal in the underground Metro stations.

    I wouldn't have any complaints about cingular if there was a signal in my new neighborhood. I've generally had great coverage with them in this area and when travelling to Chicago/Miami/Puerto Rico. I think I'm going to look into getting a signal amplifier/extneral antenna for when I'm at home.
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    I was just in the DC metro area this past weekend. I was pleasantly surprised that VZW worked in the Metro
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    i travel back and forth between middle tennessee and eastern PA several times a year. both places and in between have great cingular coverage for me. ive only heard complaints about Verizon in the middle tennessee nashville area
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    ya, my users especially complain when that their service stinks when they are in train or car, in the same spots where verizon worked perfectly.
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    Cingular coverage in Northern NJ and Staten Island is also very good for me. Much better then Sprint and Tmobile and in my area better then Verizon. I usually always have full bars where other's phones don't even work.

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