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    Quote Originally Posted by liketreo
    I've only been on cingular for a month (haven't got my 1st bill yet) but I also see that text messages show up as 1 minute used on voice calls. (another potential issue)...
    wait...what? where does it show you that? SMS should in no way be using voice minutes...
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    I could see how a bug in Cingular's system could cause this, SMS is used on the voice side as opposed to data. I would call them, but give them a chance to explain before yelling (unlike me who just starts screaming at the first "Thank you for calling Sprint CS")

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    Here's an example from my "calling area detail log" from the account online:
    05/23 6:41 PM M2M TXT {phone number} DT EML 1

    Looks like 1 minute used for a text message.
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    ^ This is probably just on your current account activity to record that a TXT message was sent or received. I am certain you will not be charged airtime when your account cycles and you receive your actual bill.
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