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    I finally got my hands on an unlocked GSM Treo 650 last week, and I love it -- every day, I discover a new cool thing I can do with it!

    I have a question, though: I'm a Cingular Blue (AT&T Wireless) customer. I moved my SIM card from my old Nokia phone into the Treo. I have AT&T's Unlimited Mmode service, and it works great with the Treo ... however, one of the things that I want to use the Treo for is to frequently VPN into my office's network. I'm trying out Mergic VPN for Palm, and this, too, works great ... however, does anyone have a definitive answer as to whether Cingular will charge me extra (per KB) for any data that I transfer while using Mergic?

    My online research indicates that they definitely *will* charge you if you "tether" the Treo to a computer (eg use Bluetooth DUN to turn the Treo into a wireless modem for your laptop), and then use VPN on that computer.

    My research also indicates that they *won't* charge you if you only use http, https, pop, and imap while tethered. This leads me to believe that Cingular's billing system monitors the *ports* that you use -- so if I use port 1723 (pptp VPN), which is exactly what I'll be doing with Mergic, I'll be charged extra.

    Before I rack up charges testing this theory out, though, I thought I'd check with you good folks -- have any of you used Mergic VPN via Unlimited Mmode, and if so, were you charged extra for it?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Hey Jimma,

    This is exactly what I do with AT&T T600, Mergic and Chatter. So far, no extra charges. My only issue is quick battery drain if I leave the VPN open for "push" email.


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    Thank you, McTreo! (somewhat belatedly) I'll try a few minutes of VPNing and see if it shows up on my bill ... hopefully I'll have the same experience as you.

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