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    I called Cingular customer service this morning regarding my GPRS being down down for over 12 hours. The rep said that he has had a few calls on this and has no information on the problem. He has not scene any notice that there is a problem and no info on when it would be fixed. All-in-all pretty useless.

    The rep said that he would log the problem with the engineers. Whoppee.

    I was also having a problem with the vmail system telling me that I had a message when in fact I did not. THe CS rep reset my mailbox and the problem went away for now.
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    I'm not a Cingular customer, but I suspect that your thread would have more relevance were you to mention where you are; the GPRS outage is more likely to be a local event rather than a nation-wide one.
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    Amazingly enough my GPRS is back up. It must have been the earlier phone call to Cingular customer service which caused some engineer to reboot their router.
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    My GPRS in the Boston area has been down since Sunday afternoon. What # did you call to get help? I called the after hours support but they said the right people were out for the holiday. Thanks for your help.
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    GPRS has been down here in San Diego for over two WEEKS!
    I get similar response from Cingular online tech. support AND local service centers. They've received a lot of requests to reset or re-acquire their accounts in an attempt to reset the service, but I was told this only works maybe 20% of the time.

    I've posted in various other sections of this forum (and others) that I've been having problems.

    SO far it looks like it establishes a link, but doesn't link with email/internet. It worked great for the first week I had the phone, but now nothing. Very frustrating since I'm leaving in a week for Summer vacation.

    Other considerations - I'm on a pay-as-you-go plan ('Go Phone') that may not include data? If my account runs low does CIngular shut off GPRS data access?

    Do third party 'hacks' conflict with network functionality?

    hmmmmm....I'm also waiting for a call-back from one of the engineers (yeah RIGHT), but in the meantime may switch over to T-Mobile just so I can get email and internet.

    Anyone with T-Mobile having problems with GPRS?


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    GPRS now working for me in Boston - turns out my SIM card went bad - went to the Cingular Store and they switched my Gemplus card for an Axalto - Casey @ Cleveland Circle does an excellent job!
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    I just called CS via 611
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    It was out here in San Jose, CA all day Sunday. But worked just fine before and since. I find it's not uncommon for it to go out on weekend, but it's usually late at night. I think it's network maintinence, upgrades, integration, etc. since it's so consistently on saturday night/sundays.
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