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    Is anyone else having trouble connecting to Cingular GPRS (wap.cingular) in NYC?
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    Had trouble earlier in the San Francisco Bay area. No problems now though.
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    having problems in eastern pa
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    Yes, I had terrible trouble this afternoon. Seems to be working now.
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    been down in San Diego for two weeks!!!

    I'm THIS CLOSE to switching to T-Mobile just for GPRS.
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    Having a problem in the Boston area since late Sunday afternoon
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    Boston still not working. At first it would try to connect and then cancel. Not it tries to connect and I get Error: (0x400B) which it totally meaningless.

    Update: now it just sits there at the Singing On screen.
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    Not working in Baltimore either.
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    Not working in DC either. Been that way since yesterday afternoon. I guess I'm relieved it isn't software related.
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    had gprs for a few mins last night here in eastern PA, but nothing today
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    HTC Inspire "4G"
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    Still not working in Boston (Western suburbs) for me
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    Cingular is SO screwed with the AT&T business crap and maybe incompatible networks, etc. - geez, I guess they're going to lose me to T-Mobile.

    I MUST have email/internet while I'm traveling this Summer!!!

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    T-Mobile GPRS has been radically unstable today and most of yesterday in the NYC area... Hopefully they are doing service and we will be stable again on Tuesday morning.

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