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    I'm an avid Sprint user, so I don't know all the technicalities of GSM service. Today I bought a Treo 600 from a fellow, and it appeared to be unlocked. There was no branding on it, and the splash screen simply said "Treo." I bought this phone for my stepfather, as he has been constantly drooling over my 600/650 for quite some time. I took the GSM 600 I bought to him tonight and popped in his Cingular SIM, and the phone said "SIM card not valid" or something like that. Does this mean this phone is actually locked to T-Mobile or another carrier, or does it mean that I bought a pile of poo?

    Any input would be appreciated.
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    I found out that it was locked to T-Mobile, but I was able to unlock it using a program I found on another site.
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    Can you tell me what unlock program you used to unlock it?
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    My phone is a Sprint 650, but the phone I unlocked was a T-Mobile 600. I used a program found on, but I can't post it here because they seem to want to keep it on the downlow. I'll PM it to you when I get home.

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