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    I cannot connect via GPRS. Treo tries to Sign In then Cancels. It's been this way for about 1 hour. Phone works and I have full signal strength.

    Can anyone confirm this?


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    No problems this morning in Sacramento.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    Former ATTWS GSM in mountain view, online right now...
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    I haven't had GPRS in over a week now in San Diego. I'm praying it comes back online by next week when I leave for vacation. I was looking forward to traveling without my laptop.

    Very frustrating.

    unlocked GSM / Cingular pay-as-go plan
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    i'm in the mission SF right now. the phone shows the green arrows which should mean i'm connected, but i'm not getting any internet at all. i tried various apps.

    oh and my reception has been pretty bad lately too. i dont even get 4 bars outside right now. eh. cellphones.
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    San Jose/Cingular - same problem - cannot connect.
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    So if I go over to the TMobile store tomorrow and switch over, will it fix my lack of email/internet?


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