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    I had asked this in another thread, but didn't get a definitive answer. If I use BT DUN on Cingular (via hack, flash, etc) - does it charge against voice-minutes or data usage?

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    DUN works off of data not voice. So i'd say it will count off of data usage.
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    Hooray!!!! I had to use it for almost 2 hours in Nice, CA. (Clear Lake). I have an unlimited data plan but was not sure. BT DUN on Apple Powerbook OSX. Works fabulously!


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    sfmanuel - if you are on Cingular, could you check your online account manager and make sure it is charged against data? I haven't gotten an answer from anyone who substantiates it against their bill yet.

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    I've use BT DUN on Cingular many manytimes since I got my 650 in Feb. It definately uses you EDGE/GPRS data, not voice min. So you're covered under your unlimited data plan.
    I must say, it works great up at Clearlake!
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    Great - thanks!

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