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    I have been carrying Asurion insurance through T-Mobile for a while at $3.99/month and $35 deductible for my 600. I received information yesterday from Asurion and T-Mobile telling me all about how they are upgrading my coverage to ensure that I have adequate insurance. The "upgrade" costs $5.99/month with a $110 deductible. I don't have a choice - so as of July 1, it is buh-bye to insurance for my phone. BAH!

    I used it once and I was really happy I had it. The service was excellent. But at $72/year PLUS $110, I will assume the risk myself. Maybe they have had too many claims....
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    I was told the deductable was going to $100.
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    Quote Originally Posted by temna
    I was told the deductable was going to $100.
    Notification I was sent says $110 deductable.

    The display on my 600 developed a bright spot. It's still totally ledgeable but it has a spot roughly 1/3" in diameter near the center of the screen and it's definately noticable. Asurion is replacing it for $35 bucks. They say if I don't send the bad one in they'll charge me another $100. I'm thinking if anyone wants an otherwise perfectly good 600 and is willing to pay me $125 for it, I'll let them have it and tell Asurion I'll eat the $100. Perfectly legal the way I see it.

    If you're having the even the tiniest problem with your 600 I'd say exercise your coverage NOW before the new rates take affect. I'm pretty sure I'll be dropping coverage once my unit arrives.

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