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    Well, time to try switching over to T-Mobile. Cingular is crapped out. I don't have time to wait for them to 'finish their upgrades' over the next 6 months.

    After doing a hard reset I STILL get NO email or internet.

    Fed up.

    unlocked GSM / CIngular / FW ver. 1.15 (debating on 1.23 or waiting for official upgrade)
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    no change after upgrading firmware to 1.23 either.

    unlocked GSM / CIngular / FW ver. 1.23
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    sure enough. Got tired of waiting, and switched over to TMobile yesterday. Even got a little better package, AND their GPRS is WORKING! Now I have email/internet back.

    sorry Cingular - can't wait for your networks to catch up with the AT&T merger crap.
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    TMo also has their own network problems. It would go down sporadically and phone coverage are sparse in some areas.
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    oh's working now. Hope the network stays up for at least two months while I'm traveling!
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    Just went over to Pico Rivera, CA to get some something from Target, the whole time I was there, I cannot connect to the network between 4:30pm till 5PM.
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