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    My Treo has not been able to dtect GPRS connections in NJ/NYC area for more than a week. T-mobile representative acknowledged a problem due to a network upgrade and said the service would be back by May 13. Well it is May 15 and it still does not work so I canceled my Internet service with them (they offered me 50 extra minutes as a compensation... ).

    Now I am starting to think I perhaps have a hardware problem with my Treo. Has anyone experieced this same problem in NY/NJ?
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    using gprs in brooklyn and manhattan with out issue.

    btw, every couple of months gprs gets hosed in brooklyn, so i have been there.
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    I haven't seen any degradation in T-Mo service in Manhattan, either in the phone or T-Mobile Internet Service.

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    No problems in NJ over the same time span
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    Just happened to me here in Miramar, FL now. No GPRS.
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    no problems either, NJ
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    Hmm, I just took my SIM out of the 650 and put it in an HP6315 and I connected to GPRS just fine.

    Just confirmed Im having problems connecting to internet.2 apn, I can connect to tzones apn.
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    but after disconnecting from GPRS all my incoming calls go to my voicemail.....I need to reset Treo650 and update my "Call Preferences"...
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    I haven't had a problem in Manhattan or Westchester.

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