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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    Last month I used 61MB...that was the most I've ever used.

    My second phone (non Treo) used 17MB.

    Apparently MediaNet Unlimited is NOT MediaWorks unlimited. I think the difference only relates to the MMS and text messages though.
    My highest usage was 75MB. My typical is 45MB average. That's quite a bit of usage too.

    Yes Media Works Unlimted and Media Net Unlimited are different.
    Media Works is a "package" including text message, picture message, and media net.
    Media net is just the media net component (which is just a fancy name for internet access.)

    Unfortunatley "Media Works Unlimited" which included unlimited media net usage is no longer available. Still MEdia Net Unlimited for $20 is a pretty good deal.
    It just occured to me that the title of the thread is "Media Works unlimited still available" that's why you mentioned that.
    To add to the confusion, Media Net unlimited used to be $25 and was lowered to $20/month on June 1st. $20 happens to be the price of the old media Works unlimited package that they stopped selling back in Feb. So it's very easy to get the two confused.

    So Media Works Unlimited ($20/month) is GONE.
    Now there's Media Works, and Media Basic ("Bundles" with a limited number of media net KB per month, and text/picture messaging.) Neither are unlimited.

    Media Net Unlimited ($20/month) is what used to be $25/month and is internet data only and is not sold in either bundle.
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    Cool, thanks all. That's a relief....
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    What added to my confusion was that when I asked for Media Works Unlimited last month, they gave it to me and put it on my second line....only to take it away a few weeks later and change it to Media Net Unlimited.

    That sucks.
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