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    i bought my cingualr branded treo 650 in feb (the day they were first available...feb2?) anyway, when i bought the thing off the palm website, the price was the 19. by the time i got the phone a week later it was up to the $40 and they would not respect their $20 price. they in fact said that it was a error on plam's part for printing that add and that the $20 price was never valid. do i have any recourse? i can't find that like to the $20 price that was up here before. do i have a chance in hell?
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    alot of people have been reporting billing and data plan changes with cingular my answer would be switch to sprint if they have good coverage in your area.. i haven't had any problems with there billing but cs is i guess average coming from dealing with nextel.. and you can't beat unlimited data for 10 - 15 dollars..
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    yeah the trouble is the sprint service is terrible in my area.

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