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    I just saw a pretty good deal on a cingular-branded, unlocked Treo 650, available with a T-mobile plan, which I prefer. Are there any pitfalls here? The salesman says it will work, but from the little information I can find on this online it looks like there are some fixes necessary.

    Any advice or information on this would be appreciated.
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    I just got my Cingular branded unlocked GSM Treo 650. I pulled my SIM card out of my old Nokia phone and slipped in to the 650 and I was up and running in mere moments. There is no problem with compatibility that I have found so far. I have only had it one day, but have had no trouble getting e-mail, browsing the web and sending and receiving text messages.
    I have a regular T-mobile account with the unlimited data add-on.
    Good Luck

    This is answer to an old post, but others may have the same question.

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    Where did you find this good deal? I may be interested in this as well! Thanks.
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    A 'good deal' is relative... Compared to the supposed list price of $699 for the unlocked GSM phone, I paid $560 for one new in the box from e-bay (from 'canisellyousomething'). I have had no problems with it, other than those I created myself by changing the ROM and trying to get Bluetooth DUN working...

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    I bought a brand new 650 from the Cingular Store at the mall. It cost $549.00 plus tax. I had no trouble unlocking it and I now use it with my old T-mobile sim. I've had it for a month now - everything works perfectly. BTW - if you want internet access enabled, the cheapest way thru T-mobile is to buy $4.99 unlimited T-zones and enable custom proxy port 8080
    This will give you full, unlimited internet access (not just wap or T-zones sites) for 5 bux a month!

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