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    Is it possible to hold group conference of more than 3 people with Treo 600? Basically, is conferencing limited to 3 by the Treo device or T-Mobile network. I use the $39.99 plan with the additional T-Zones. I would like to conference 5 on the speakerphone.
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    I haven't tried it, but the Treo manual says that five? six? people is the limit for conference calls. Mind you, each line bills as a separate call, so watch those minutes.
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    This free service has worked for me:

    Basically, if everyone dials into the servers on their own, the service is free and each caller only pays for their airtime and/or long distance. Great if you can schedule for off-peak! There are also some other options as well.
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    Conference Call service by AccuConference offers free conferencing with powerpoint and recording (no charges) via

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