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    I tried to wheel-and-deal a cheaper price on the $20/month internet package, but they'd have none of it. Instead, the rep tried to convince me to move down to a lower monthly voice package ($39 to $29) since I haven't used all my minutes lately. "Then the internet would only be $10 extra!" she enthused. Greeeeeeat.

    Do I have to speak to someone in Retention ("I'm gonna quit! No, really!") before I can get a better deal? And would even that work?
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    I've tried to negotiate downward unsuccessfully on both voice and data. I've stayed with T-M out-of-contract for going on 2 years, but T-M knows we have nowhere else to go for lower rates for unlimited data. When I've considered changing from T-M, I've looked at other carriers' data options. T-M has only one data package -unlimited. If you can do with less data and you found a better voice-data package elsewhere, they might be willing to talk. But I doubt it; I'd guess that if they're going to bend rules, they're going to do it for people on the other end of the fee spectrum.

    BTW, I made the change to the lower calling plan myself last year.
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    I recently renewed my contract and after speaking with retention, they gave me a second month of service for free, having already given me one month. I came away feeling that they are willing to deal a little, but on their terms.
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    TMobile generally don't negotiate prices on services to individuals. Now you can negotiate charges on your bill and/or a new phone/accessory at a TMo store.
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