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    I'd love to hear from people who have requested network unlocking of the Treo 600, from T-Mobile customer service. I recently purchased a T-Mobile 600 that turns out to be network locked. Before I request the seller (who has been a T-Mobile customer for over 3 months, and has since migrated to a 650 with T-Mob) to contact T-Mobile I'd like to have all my ducks in a row so that the process goes smoothly. Elsewhere on the forum, folks have said that they called customer service with the IMEI number and were emailed the unlock code. After hearing a lot of horror stories about ATT/Cingular refusing to unlock their own handsets it seems almost unbelievable that T-Mob would be so accomodating. I suppose it would be best not to reveal to T-Mob that the phone has been sold. Any other suggestions, or anecdotes about your own experiences would be appreciated. How about actually going into a T-Mob retail store and requesting the unlock from the counter staff? Would that be any more efficient? What if I simply called in anonymously and requested an unlock code, without representing myself as the T-Mob customer who originally bought it from them? Is there any verification of the customer account/identity when the unlock request is made? The IMEI code should be on the T-Mob database and identify the handset as originally being their own, no? Thank you in advance for your help. These forae are wonderful support in a world where we are increasingly beta testers for all the goodies being touted in the marketplace.
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    don't think about it so hard. t-mo is easy to work with. it would be easiest if the seller did this, and i would think if one was selling the phone to someone on any network, it's kinda their duty to unlock the phone before dumping it. if the seller won't do it, call t-mo, explain your situation, and they should comply.
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    Thanks atnight, glad I'm not alone in this situation. The seller doesn't seem to understand the concept of network unlocking; thinks that T-Mob bought the phone from Palm One permanently unlocked (I couldn't follow the logic there). Even people in my company don't understand the concept of network locking (and unlocking), and I work at a wireless telecom carrier! We're a 2nd tier CDMA carrier, so I suppose that may explain some (but not all) of the ignorance. I have a couple of contingency plans if the seller is unwilling/unable to help me:

    a) try to motivate T-Mob into unlocking the handset by offering to buy into their prepaid plan

    b) try the self-service unlocking procedure noted at

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    I have unlocked a T600 with T-Mobile. I called them (from overseas) when I found out it was locked, and they sent the unlock code a few days later. Lately, they have been providing the unlock codes (on replacement Motorola phones for my wife and kids) within a day of the request. All they ask for is the IMEI number and an Email address to send the code to.

    The problem might be getting to a customer service rep who can help you when you are apprantely not a T-mobile customer and do not have a T-Mobile account. I would just tell them you are the original purchaser (with permission of course, or have him call) and give his phone number (but your Email address) when making the request to customer service.
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    This story has a happy ending. The seller contacted T-Mob and received an email with the unlock code and unlocking instructions within 24 hours. The seller forwarded me this email in short order. I then unlocked the phone myself. The sequence is:
    *#*#(insert numeric string of numbers provided by carrier)*
    After following instructions the phone showed a message to wait while unlocking was in progress. After about 5 seconds I received a message onscreen that my phone had been SIM-unlocked. Contrary to the misleading message (which should have said that the phone was carrier or network unlocked) the handset is now carrier or network unlocked. I've tested 2 Suckular (that would be Cingular to people who aren't ex-slaves of the evil empire) SIM cards and successfully placed/received calls. All hail T-Mob, and I'm not saying that just because I know their CEO.
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    Yep, T-Mobile is very good about unlocking handsets. As they should be! Cingular's policies are antiquated and idiotic, yet another reason why I haven't switched to them even though they have Edge and better voice coverage.
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