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    What's the use of EDGE when it's so f****** slow????
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    I consider 100 - 150 kbps pretty good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    I consider 100 - 150 kbps pretty good!

    I envy that connection speed. My Mobile Provider (Sunday) here in HK only has around 15-20kbps..
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    IS EDGE offered in HK ?.....and speed is dependent on how far from tower, ata certain point, it starts to drop off.....perhaps you are out on the fringes.
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    I'm easily getting 110-150kpbs here in Memphis.
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    only HKT and Peoples have EDGE, while Sunday is heading to UMTS
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    I can't seem to break 64kbps. In Chicago with a strong Cingular signal, this is annoying...
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    mine is pretty slow here in NJ, not sure exactly how fast the connection is, but its about as quick as my old motorola T720

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