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    I was just curious if any Cingular customers have the combined billing with SBC. The postive part of it is that you get 20% off the Cingular Bill (as well as my DSL which is cool). The negative part is that you can't view your account online on Cingular's website. It's not that bad because I can use the link on my SIM card to get a text message sent with my current usage, but it won't list the data usage. Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone else has this. I personally don't mind it, and a discount is better than nothing. It definitely cuts down my Internet plan by around 10, so I'm actually paying about 10 for my unlimited mediaworks.
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    I'm actually considering unbundling the billing because I'd like to view my SMS and data usage, and it just isn't possible with combined billing. Any thoughts?
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    If you are willing to pay 20% more which is the cost savings for combined billing.
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    has anyone been able to set this up with a fan account also?
    if i could get the 20% abd ny corporate 14% i would be real happy :-)

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