With all the negative posts lately about screwed up bills and bad customer service, I think it's only fair that I post what I experienced this morning.

So I logged into OLAM this weekend only to see my new outstanding bill balance to be $167 when it should be around $120. I called customer service this morning and after reviewing my account the rep told me that because I had changed from Mediaworks to Medianet that I was billed for data overages due to the fact that when they pro-rated my usage based on how long I was on Medianet I was over my pro-rated data amount of the 3MB allowance. I explained that the only reason I switched was because every rep I spoke to regarding my account suggested that I was on the incorrect data plan. He understood and without hesitation credited my account. A few minutes later I logged in again on OLAM and my outstanding balance was back down to around $123.

For the record, I'm now on the Medianet unlimited plan for $24.99 a month with my Treo 650 and I've had no issues.