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    So yeah....I'm going to call later this morning and get things all straightened out (or there is going to be hell to pay). Anyways, here is a screenshot of my account @ They havent actually printed the bill so I cannot prove it by a pdf or actual data usage. But I assure you it is legit and its all related to the amount of data I've put through my poor Treo 650 :-). I HAD the unlimited plan....and I will continue to have it...

    Here's the pic which explains it all....

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    I called Cingular.

    They said, "oops we found this issue on 4/14 but your bill was processed anyway. We can only credit you $1,000 per day. My supervisor has already creditied you $1,000. The rest will be tomorrow (4/22), then I will call you with your actual bill amount!".

    I have not received a call.

    My bill is still incorrect.

    No credits applied.

    All calls to Cingular result in a "hang up". ie. After putting in my phone numebr the system hangs up.

    <Great customer service never came from a BellSouth company... why should it they run it like a "good ol' white boy monopoly" that they are.
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    Guess that's what they mean by raising the bar ?
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    Still, at a penny a Kb, the data portion shoulda only been $695....what was the other $400 for ?
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    I just called---taxes ran upwards of 225$

    Anyways, they are getting a "high-level credit" back to my account and she said "..there is nothing to worry about".

    *crossing fingers*

    I sure hope so

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    Can you deal with Cingular CS via email? If so, I suggest you do so, then print and file a copy of every email where they admit it is a mistake and say they'll credit you. Right now you have no proof you even talked to them (unless, of course, you're taping the phone calls).
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    Well, Cingular pulled through...

    ....they gave me credit for it all aside for the 20$ base (unlimited media works)!

    Anyways, I'm happy......but I thought you guys would enjoy the screenshot.

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    I just got a $700 bill... any tips?
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    I had the same thing...unlimited PDA data plan...but apparently pay per use as of course the pay per use took precedence.
    They were charging me $0.03 per kb, at 34 MB, and my bill was over $1100. They SAY they're working on processing it, but it could be a couple of days.

    Netdale, who (what department) did you speak to - general customer service?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphoric
    I just got a $700 bill... any tips?
    Tips on what? How to pay your bill? What the bill was for? What plan did you have? What were you charged for?
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    When I bought my Treo from TreoCentral on 3/10 I got the MEdia Unlimited plan for $19.99. However I can find no proof of this since I did not save the page. When I go look at my order info, it only lists voice info, nothing about my data plan. I think I may just be screwed and I am assuming that, like TMobile, they don't care if I stay or go.

    I had charges under both pay-per-use and media wix...
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    If you signed up for it and it's not showing up on your bill and you don't have any proof, you'll probably just have explain that to a CSR or Manager and find out what they can do for you.

    Since I haven't bought a Treo through TC or signed up for service through them, I don't know how they work, but you may be able to ask whomever operates the TC Store to pull your order up and get you a copy so you have proof of what you signed up for.
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    Cingular MORONS.

    "Your account credit is still waiting managers approval" So I said what do you think my bill will be, I will have Citibank bill payment send that amount electronically today. She said about $95.
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    This has me worried in light of the numerous problems, including billing for non-provided services, that I have had in the two months of service with Cingular.

    Is there any way to check pending charges? My balance does not seem to be updated until the end of the billing cycle.
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    So far, I think I win. My first bill showed up about a week and a half ago for 1808.00. Same problem as mentioned above. I pay for unlimited data, but was charged per kb. Fortunately, it was a pretty easy fix just by calling cingular...although it took about a week before it was actually cleared up on my account. The look my wife gave me when she opened the bill, was not something I ever want to see again.
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    I'd hate to see my bill if this happened to me With MobiTV, Mobi-MLB Gameday Audio, and Virgin Radio streaming, I bet I could hit the $3k mark pretty quick.

    BTW I'm using a Nokia 6620 until a.) a firmware fix raises volume levels of unlocked treo 650, or b.) someone buys my 650 (listed in marketplace)--whichever comes first.


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