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    Both myself and one of my users are having the issue where gprs wont reconnect after it failed to connect to the network. It usually takes a soft reset to allow a connection to the gprs network. We are both on pdaconnectunlimited, and this has happened on both wap.cingular and isp.cingular. While it only seems to happen once a week, its still an annoyance. Usually, versamail will try to connect to gprs to fetch mail....if there is no gprs available or something else weird fails, but then thats it. Even other web apps like blazer wont connect. We get an error code (dont recall it though I will write it down next time) Last night, it happened to me, and I actually think I wound up having to both switch from isp. to wap. and reset the phone to get onto gprs. Then a few hours later, I changed back to isp. and it worked again too.

    Has ANYONE come up with a fix for this, or is it a limitation of the gprs network and treo integration? Pretty crappy if you ask me. This is the only issue that is plaguing my otherwise perfect move from vzw to cinglular a few weeks ago.
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    ok, just a quick addition. My user with the problem just called me back. At 930am he was having the problem, but didnt do anything to the phone. At noon he calls me and its working again. No resetting, changing connection or type. Hmm.

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