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    I am about to purchase a 650 - and I am looking at Cingular as Sprint drops calls on folks in my area. I see you cannot add the media works plan on store if you purchase a 650. Has anyone gotten the mediaworks plan with their 650 lately or is this a thing of the past? I am NOT paying $40 a month to get some emails and wx every once in a while.
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    I added the media plans later-on from the web site, not while ordering the phone.

    This was back in Feb, when the $19.99/mo unlimited + gazillion SMS and MMS plan was still available.
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    bump - anybody else? Bueller?
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    What you can do is don't put any data plan on it for now... when you get home, call the CS and add the MediaWorks Unlimited (I think it's what it called) for $25 a month... as long as you don't tell them you have a Treo they will not reject that $25 extra for them... or is it lol.

    Good luck.
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    I recommend doing the same addition, but through the web site. The human CS rep may try to talk you into PDA plan or something more confusing.
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    Iam getting the Media Works Unlimited for 19.99, i signed up on March 11th, I got my first bill the other day, and it was indeed $19.99! I was so afraid my bill was going to be a couple grand, based on the horror stories from posters on this forum. I guess Iam one of the lucky ones!
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    but which media works did u get? those of us with the grandfather'd plans get unlimited internet...the new media works gets only 3mb of data per month...if you did get the old plan on march 11 u are good. I just got my wife the 650 this week & could not get her the old media works plan. I had to get her the media net unlimited with an additional text/instant message package.
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    I got the Media Works, with Unlimited Wireless Internet Express, 1500 text mess., and 200 Multimedia Messages. I looked around the local Cingular store where I bought my 650 and found one of the brochures that had the plan on it. I told them, that that is the plan that I want, and I got it no questions asked! I acted as if I didn't know the plan had expired already! I guess I got real lucky.
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    Thanks for the replies - Crowdawg (Roll Tide BTW) you recently got the mediaworks plan? I am getting a new phone next month and dont want to go with Cingular then have them disable the ability to add mediaworks ($24.99 plan) online and me be stuck with no plan or the data plan.
    I dont care if its 19.99 or 24.99 it beats others and Sprint has spotty service in my area. FOlks here LOVE or HATE it - there is no in between...they complain of LOTS of dropped calls.
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    Are you in Chicago? That's a problem here with Sprint. I have dropped and lost so many calls with them. I have my 2nd line on Cingular, and the calls are clearer and no dropped calls yet. However, be warned that yet another TC member has complained of a $1K bill on Cingular's data plan(the same complaints happen with the media plan). Watch your bill online!
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    dtfl - let me try to claify, I own two 650's for me and my wife. i got my 650 in early february and was able to get the old media works with the unlimited data for $19.99, plus the text messages, etc. When i ordered my wife's 650 last week I was not able to talk the CSR into giving me the old media works plan, but i was able to get her the current media net unlimted plan for $24.99 per month. does that clarify things?
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    After you get your Treo home, you wanna play with it for a few days as a phone only anyway before messing with programs or data. This saves you te hard reset later if ypu foind things are not going well and need a "clean slate" to see if it's hardware, software or "other" related.

    Once that's over with, you can log onto the Congular site, go to "My Account", "features" and look at available features and you should see soemthing like this:

    Data Connect 20MB $34.99 Add feature
    Data Connect 10MB $24.99 Add feature
    PDA Connect - Unlimited $39.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 2500 messages/month $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - Unlimited $24.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 8 MB/month $19.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 200 messages/month $4.99 Add feature
    Extended Nights and Weekends $7.00 Add feature
    MEdia Works $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Basic $9.99 Add feature
    BlackBerry Access - 4 MB/month $34.99 Add feature
    BlackBerry Access - Unlimited $44.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Shared Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Voice Connect $4.99 Add feature
    Roadside Assistance $2.99 Add feature
    Three-Way Calling $0.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 50 messages/month $2.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 500 KB/month $4.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 1000 messages/month $9.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 3 MB/month $9.99 Add feature
    Basic Voice Mail $1.99 Add feature
    Call Forwarding $0.99 Add feature
    Detailed Billing $0.99 Add feature
    Enhanced Voice Mail $3.99 Add feature

    Click MediaNet or whatever one you want and you're all set
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    Crowdawg - yep thanks. I want to do what you did with your Wife s- the $25 one.
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    Well I just got my new Cingular bill last week and it seemd high and going over it I noticed $28.68 in the Data section. Now I switched over from AT&T in February and had their $24.99 unlimited plan and I thought it was cool to save $5 a month since I was adding a 4th phone and 1000 more mins. Well looking at this bill as of 3/19/05 I started being chargedfor my data usage for a total of $28.68! I thought this can not be right, how can I be charged when I have unlimited? How can they just switch the plan? I called and asked about this and was told that they unlimited plan had ended months ago and that the salesperson must have had incorect information! I was very upset and explained that I made the switch and varified that the data plan matched the plan that I had with AT&T and it was $5 cheaper and offered 1000 text messages (they also charge for incoming messages which were free with AT&T) which the AT&T plan did not have. Well she credited my the $28.68 and said that I should be careful not to go over my 3,000KB in the future. I told her that I was going to go through my information that shows that it was to be unlimited and will contact someone else when I have that in hand. It is not right to just change a plan when somoen is already on it and she tried to tell me that the first month was free yada yada yada. Oh yeah, she said that the unlimited plan was not compatable with a PDA phone and I asked her why would a salesperson sell me a plan that is not compatable and I also told her that it is compatable and works just fine.

    Anyway, I am hoping that if I can not find the information that says the data plan is unlimited I might find somone here that still has it so that I can include that in my letter showing that I signed up for an unlimited plan...or if anyone has any other suggestions as to how to handle this situation!
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    I got my Cingular Invoice today. I switched from the $39.99 Unlimited Plan I was forced to take when I purchased the TREO from Cingular to the Media Unlimited Plan at $24.99. On my invoice, I had a charge for the Media Unlimited Plan and a charge for a PDA Unlimited Plan (at $27.99). The rep I spoke to told me that I couldn't use the Media Unlimited Plan, but could use the PDA Unlimited Plan. I decided it was not worth arguing over $3.00. You might try asking for this PDA Unlimited Plan.
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    I've got 2 Treo 650s (one in Philadelphia market, and one in New York market) - both have the $19 Media Works Unlimited packages. The bills are crazy - page after page of itemized data transactions (one phone used 14 Mb last month, the other 23 Mb), and the cost of each transaction... $0.00!

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    When I got my Treo 650 on a trial, I was not offered the chance to use Media Net Unlimited, but was only given the choice of the PDA Unlimited Data Connect plan. I was able to use both wap.cingular and isp.cingular.

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