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    Well I'm with verizon, and was thinking of switching to Cingular.. everyone b1tch3s about how expensive the data plans are with Verizon - when I got to cingular's website, the unlimited pda connect is 45 bucks! What am I missing? Is there some better data plan on cingular i'm not seeing?
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    There are a TON of posts on Cingular's data plans. I'll give you a quick rundown, but I highly suggest you do a search for those threads.

    -the PDA plan (which Cingular wants you to have) is around $39.99
    -MediaNET unlimited (basically the same exact thing) is $24.99 (most Cingular reps won't give you this if they know you have a Treo).

    There is no difference in speed. However, if you are planning on using VPN on your Treo, you may want to go with the PDA plan and have them connect you to isp.cingular, because if your proxy is wap.cingular you will not be able to browse 10.x.x.x networks.

    Hope that helps.
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