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    Has anyone had any luck "unlocking" their phone for international use?

    No, I'm not talking about a SIM lock or a PUK or subsidy unlock...In my call barring options, I noticed that outgoing international calls are blocked. Cingular said I had to be a customer for 6 months first...?

    Has anyone succeeded in enabling international calling and roaming?
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    Not sure why you are getting the runaround from Cingular, but they activated International Call Allow and International Roaming on my account (2 Treos) without any problem. Not sure about any rules about length of contract.
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    I tried to obtain the subsidy lock code for my phone and was told:

    1. I had to have international dialing/roaming $3.99 a month

    2. I could not activate international dialing/roaming until my account had been in good standing for 6 months.

    which pisses me off because I was with AT&T for 5 years before "migrating" to Cingular (supposedly same company).
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    Be careful--you should not have to pay for international roaming per se (not a monthly access fee, anyway). There is however a Cingular international plan that reduces the rates for calling from the USA abroad. The CSR might be getting confused.

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