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    Is anybody else having problems with IMAP folder synching on a Cingular T650? My problem is that no matter what email program I use, if I try to get a folder list for my IMAP account, INBOX is the only folder listed, even though there are several other folders in the account. These folders are NOT subfolders of INBOX, rather they are at the same folder level.

    All of my PC and Mac email clients are able to see ALL of the IMAP folders. The only one that can't is my Treo 650. The thing that is making me wonder if it is specific to the Cingular T650 is that I talked to someone using a Sprint T650 with the same brand email server software and IMAP setup, and his Treo is able to see ALL folders. However, he said Sprint did release an email fix for their T650s.

    Anyway, if anyone else has experienced this same problem on their T650, please let me know. Also let me know if you found a viable workaround.
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    I have found at least part of the problem. None of these programs seem to be able to automatically detect the root folder on a T650. I got Chatter to work, by entering in the name of the root folder. I am still having problems with VersaMail and Snappermail.

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