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    Just returned from the cingular store after deciding to jump on the 650 bandwagon, and I was very disapointed by the experience. The salesperson in the store was extremely rude, unhelpful, and demeaning. In addition, when I began looking at the treo "dummy" on the shelf, she informed me that they've had so many problems with the phone that they don't have any in stock and are uncertain as to when they will get more. Looks like I'm off to Verizon now that they have thier act together....too bad they've got us over the barrel with data pricing ($45/month).
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    If you're going CDMA, why not jump to Sprint? (If their coverage area is decent where you live.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgarcia
    ....too bad they've got us over the barrel with data pricing ($45/month).
    You don't need to pay $45/month. You can use the $25/Month Media Net unlimited plan instead. They are identical in all ways except the billing.
    Yeah, the store salespeople suck.
    You could get one off the web site at or
    Again, don't get the $45/month data plan, get the $25. If they won't sign you up for it at the store, get it without the data plan then go home, call customer support, and add the $25 media net over the phone.

    That is, if you even still want a GSM model on Cingular. Otherwise as was stated there's Sprint today, or Verizon soon.
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