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    I have made the switch from my beloved BB7100Tto the TREO 650. Although after paying my "geek tax" (spending hours with helpdesk to make my new toys work) my new motto was keep it simple, the huge SW library of the 650 was too attractive. I have to say that I really like the Email functionality of the BB and never had a problem. Because my IT department did not support me connecting directly to our Exchange server, I created a rule in outlook to forward my email to the RIM adress and received it from there. The smart thing was that when I created an email on the BB it did have my bussines email adres in the from field so when my customers replied I did receive it in my normal outlook email.

    I have read the different email options/apps of the treo and would really like some advise from somebody in a similar situation. These seem to be my options:

    1) Use the same system as with my BB now. Forward the email to my Tmobile, yahoo or Gmail address and use POP access. But does anybody know if I can influence the "send from" field with any of these providers?

    2) Use snapper mail that has IMAP 4 access to exchange servers. How complicated is this without IT support. I am not completely IT illiterate and can find out names of the servers and so but am a little woried about VPN acces etc.

    Any ex Tmobile or RIM users who made the same switch and have solved this problem?

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    I was chatteremail and have total push mail functionality. It is fantastic!! I had a BB 7290 and was about to purchase a 7100 but cannot stand the BB interface. Try chatter and you will never look back!

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