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    I am just wondering what data plan the cingular users on the forum are using.

    I will be checking email with snappermail2 and having a look at various websites. No text messaging.

    I basically need an unlimited data plan.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated.


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    Sounds like you need MediaNet Unlimited - about $25/mo. Nothing but data - no messaging included.

    I use MediaWorks for now, since I have limited data needs (phone lookups, etc) and do use text messaging.
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    Thank you.

    But will I be able to use SnapperMail2 with it. I need to check 5 or 6 email accounts from differnet ISPs. Media Net does not seem to allow for that. However, the DataConnect for PDAs says:

    "Access your e-mail, corporate intranet, and the Internet while on the go by wirelessly connecting your PDA to the Internet. Requires usage with a Cingular Wireless PDA."

    The Media Net information makes no mention of this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    To my knowledge, there is absolutely no difference in what your 650 can access across any of the plans that included data. MediaWorks, MediaNet, & PDA plan all give your 650 the same access - just at different prices.

    If you do a quick search on here, you'll find more than a dozen msg threads that support this. Apparently the PDA Plan is a marketing scheme to sell you the same access at a higher price. (Much like Excedrin and Excedrin for ____, same drug - different label).

    All I can tell you for sure is that I have MediaWorks Unlimited (you need MediaNet Unlimited) and Versamail checks my various POP & IMAP accounts without difficulty.

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