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    UPDATE: San Francisco/Bay Area/Daly City

    600k Test
    4 Bars
    2.09s latency

    I have not had this EDGE speed since late Feb. I believe the performance problem of < 40kbit/sec max speed has been considerably improved....keeping my fingers crossed!

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    Today: In Oakland CA: I have an Unlocked Treo 650 with an older 32k Cingular SIM which lets me manually select networks. I normally have it set to ATT/Cingular, as it has a stronger signal at home.

    Here are my results using using the 100k test

    ATT (solid 4 bars signal) :
    112, 93, 93, 96 (average = 99 kbit/sec)

    Cingular (fluctuating 1-2 bars signal):
    28, 29, 75, and 65 (average = 49 kbit/sec)

    Yesterday the Cingular/Orange tests failed completely, so something has improved. The variability in speeds today is probably due to the poor signal strength.
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    UPDATE 2: Looking steady!

    600k Test
    4 Bars
    2.267s latency
    37.904s d/l time

    Cingular Treo 650 (Unlocked?!?)
    Firmware 01.51 Software Treo650-1.17-CNG H/W A
    Treo Wireless Headset - Apple Ti15 OSX 10.3.9
    Palm VII -> Motorola StarTAC -> Treo 600

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